The 50 metre Pool campaign


The campaign would like to see a fifty metre pool in each major area of population with free and regular public transport connecting pool and people in surrounding areas


New Combined NHS/ Sports Ministry

We feel strongly that Sport should be combined with Health in one central ministry as they complement each other, hopefully increased sport will reduce demand on healthcare.


Equal Opportunities and Public funding /Swimming ticks all the right boxes

Swimming is considered to be one of the most useful sports in improving general fitness and ticks all the right boxes in terms of equal opportunities and public funding as in the case of swimming public funding can provide a facility that can be enjoyed by a wide cross section of the community.


Swimming saves NHS resources

By improving the health of the nation we save NHS resources and by combining Sports and Health it should make available far more resources, enough to provide a network of fifty metre pools across the nation.


Looking after ones health in return for free healthcare in the future?

If seems likely Healthcare will be charged for in the future one way might be to expect a general level of fitness from individuals in return for free healthcare but with chargers levied with a wide range of exceptions including children and vulnerable people if people are not willing to try to look after their health.



Products that lead to a need for treatment by the NHS should pay the costs incurred

Linked to this the NHS could base its finances on the basis of what causes a cost pays for it ie from cigarettes, fast foods to products that lead to accidents, based on a scale of risks incurred and resulting accidents would have to pay a hypothecated tax based on how much their product have led to a demands for healthcare. This would also encourage manufacturers  to build safer products ie safer cars.


Swimming should be a core curriculum subject at all levels of Education

The campaign also proposes that swimming should remain a core curriculum subject in at all levels of Education as there is a link between fitness and educational achievement.

This would hopefully lead to a healthy habit of regular swimming after education has finished.




Bob Goodall

01727 847 370